FLAG prototypes have been constructed and tested as a proof of the FLAG concept. If you are interested in constructing a FLAG yourself, detailed instructions can be downloaded at the following link:

Prototype demonstration videos are also available at the following links:

The current FLAG demonstration design has an operating wind range of approximately 15-50 km/h, and generates high voltage, low amperage, DC electrical output.  At 20 km/h, the prototype FLAG oscillates at approximately 5 Hz.  Although the instantaneous currents are much higher, the FLAG prototypes produce an average continuous output of approximately 0.75 µA and open circuit voltages of approximately 500 V – 1500 V.

Constructed from .002” thickness polyester film, the prototype FLAG can be operated using an ordinary indoor fan to supply power to small loads such as fluorescent lights, neon lights, or multiple LED’s in series (spark gap required). Constructed from .005” inch polyester film, the generator has a higher cut-in speed but is more robust for experimentation.

Voltage measurements were taken at 20 km/h airspeed and 40% relative humidity, using a TDK UHV-2A ceramic capacitor, and Prostat PFM-711A Electrostatic Fieldmeter mounted 1” from an aluminum plate connected to the FLAG output. The PFM-711A output was connected to UNI-T UT81B multimeter with an optical connection to a laptop and datalogger. Windspeed was measured with a Benetech GM8908 Anemometer.

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